Foodie to Photographer

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This is a 6 week, self-paced online program for those ready to take their content to the NEXT LEVEL! 🔥

When I first started my food page on Instagram, I spent countless hours scrolling through complicated articles and watching Youtube videos trying to learn how to capture amazing food photos. Despite all of that – there were SO MANY of things that I had to figure out on my own! 

In Foodie to Photographer, you will get: 

  • Hours of food photography education, behind-the-scenes and editing demos.
  • Lifetime access to the 5 modules of lessons (including any future additions and updates!)
  • Time saving cheat sheets and downloadable guides.
  • Tailored support and access to me via discussion in the lesson comments.

I'll be teaching you:

  • What gear to buy for food photography - what to look for when buying a camera and the best lenses for food photography!
  • Phone Photography - how this can actually help you understand the technical side of photography, while elevating your phone pics at the same time!
  • How to shoot in manual mode -including the settings you need to capture different types of food pics, e.g. action shots!
  • Composition for food photography, made simple - because let's be real, who's going to remember the fibonacci spiral when you're going into your first paid shoot?!
  • Shooting in different environments - how to shoot in restaurants and at home.
  • Lighting - how to manipulate and shoot with natural light 
  • Editing - the secret to editing droolworthy food photos in Adobe Lightroom.
  • Monetising your hobby - The income streams that YOU can tap into as a food photographer or PRO food & lifestyle blogger/influencer!

This course is for you IF: 

  • You have a food blog or social media page and want to start MONETISING YOUR HOBBY.
  • You're taking pretty good photos with your phone but want to step up your photography game.
  • You're interested in food photography but have no idea where to start (even shopping for a camera has you frustrated!)
  • You've done a few collabs or sponsored posts and want to improve the quality of your content (and earn more $$$).
  • You want to build a profitable side hustle or full-time food photography business.
  • You have a interest in food and a camera...but don't know how to use it!
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and put in the work to learn new skills.
  • You wish you had someone to ask questions about photography, editing and business.

This course is NOT: 

  • More complex information to overwhelm and confuse you

  • A generic photography course that doesn't teach you the specifics of capturing amazing FOOD photos.

So, are you ready to elevate your content and build a sustainable income working with brands that you LOVE?

$990.00 AUD

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